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03.23.2017 :: New Asset: Animatch & Catch

Animatch & Catch After what seems like forever, Unity has finally accepted another complete project asset! Match 3 fun with cute graphics (thank you!) and Chuzzle-like match mechanics. The complete, easily modified project comes with full source code, assets and documentation. Get it while it’s new and hot!

Unity Store Entry: Animatch & Catch

Interested in just a preview? Watch the Youtube video!

12.07.2016 :: New Unity Asset: Starfurious

Starfurious IconI can’t help myself. Making Unity Assets, especially complete projects, is a great way to practice and explore additional techniques over and above what I do in my day job. My most recent creation, Starfurious, is essentially a space shooter similar in nature to the old stand up arcade games like Galaga and Galaxian. Not only does it include a full game that increases in difficulty with each passing wave, but it also includes a very nifty path editor. The path editor allows content creators to point-click-save-edit movement paths for enemy ships.

The project comes with all the necessary assets including full source code. So, get it, tweak it, and create something super cool!

Visit my Unity publishers page and get Starfurious!

You may also play the game at: Starfurious – WEBGL

Please Note: The web version may take a while to load and initialize. In the near future, I may make a downloadable install.

08.12.2016 :: Unity Assets

For the past several months I have continued work on various aspects of the Avenshar game server and client. Interlaced with that work, I have also put a couple assets onto Unity’s Asset store. Those are:

Megavaders 5000. Yes, you can get the entire Megavaders 5000 project from the asset store. Browse the source code, modify the assets, tweak the sounds, use it as a base to create your very own Space Invaders inspired video game. Please note, as a requirement of Unity’s asset submission guidelines, I was forced to modify the alien graphics from the originals found in the the published version of the game.

RF Scene Loader : A fairly useful set of scripts and prefabs you may use to control scene changes, scene-to-scene fades, and display of overlay while a new scene is loading. Drag and drop the included sceneloader prefab into your scene, set a couple variables in the inspector, and you have immediate access to a cross-fade scene loader.

01.14.2016 :: Hello 2016!

The 2016 new year’s arrival provides a chance to look back at what was and was not accomplished in 2015. It also offers an opportunity to refocus efforts and grind away toward “the goal”. The last couple months of 2015 saw me convert a large percentage of AoA into a pure text MUD – mission accomplished. That said, I most likely will not release it for public play. That conversions provided an amazing practice in creating a unified, multi-player game server – RuneFire World Server (RFWS). Both the MUD version of AoA and the graphical version of the same game are coded atop RFWS. Ultimately, I’ll use the shared code to quickly prototype multiplayer game concepts. Fail fast, fail early, learn at the speed of light (well, a tad slower now that I’m somewhat older). The rest of 2015 saw tons of development on the core AoA2 client and server, a completed game(Megavaders 5000) for the Lexitron, and a plethora of prototype game mechanics/ideas in Unity 3D.

The rest of 2016 is now wide open, but plans include further development on the RuneFire World Server, continued development on AoA2, and perhaps a team effort. I’d also like to attend more RunJumpDev events – and hopefully time will allow for such things. Networking with other game developers is always fun and enlightening!

09.07.2015 :: Playin’ in the MUD

It has been an interesting last couple months, to say the least! I’ve gone back and forth far too many times between the whole custom AOA2 client vs. converting everything back to what one might consider a “standard” MU* text game. Both have their pros and cons. In the end, the MU* conversion won out. AOA2 is now back burnered while I continue to create new assets and convert old assets to work in AvensharMUD (current working title ). I’ll come up with an Avenshar related name for the game once I decide to push out a public release. I will say all is going very well, and I expect to have something for interested folks to play very soon!

06.07.2015 :: Megavaders 5000!

Sometimes, it’s nice to just finish a project. Between working at my awesome day-job and working on AoA2, I do try to code other projects. In this instance, that happens to be Megavaders 5000, a Space Invaders inspired, old school shooter. It took less than a day to implement the basic game. However, play-testing, tweaking, and adding additional polish extended the dev time quite a bit. Regardless, I am fairly happy with the end result. Furthermore, I plan to submit the game for installation on the Lexitron – a stand-up arcade machine crafted by the local game-dev group here in Lexington.

You can download Megavaders 5000 for either Windows or Mac from Our Games page.
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