Indie Game Developer
About RuneFire Studios

RuneFire Studios is an indie game development and experimental effort launched in 2004 by its sole developer, Sean Lucas.

Sean’s interest in video games started back in the mid 1970’s when his father brought home a Pong Home console unit. Throughout the years, an Atari 2600, Commodore VIC-20, several Commodore 64s, a Commodore 128, a multitude of x86 based PCs and many hours spent dropping quarters into stand-up machines have shaped and molded Sean’s love for video games.

He began programming in the mid 80’s, learning what he could from Compute!’s Gazette magazines and within a few years, he was honing his programming skills in multiple languages. His professional software development career started around 1994 and has included both freelance and corporate work. Sean launched RuneFire Studios in order to further pursue and experiment with game development.