07.14.2014 :: Some News!

Since it has been quite a few months since the last news update, I've decided it might be time to post at least *something*. Development of AoA and the Albatross Project is going rather smoothly. However, it will definitely be a while before I put something out there for the general masses to take a peek at. Between that project and work, I am also converting Stargem Frenzy from a Flash game to one implemented in Unity3D. Unity3D is fantastic to work with, has great 2D support, and provides relatively easy porting to other platforms. Stargem Frenzy on a tablet? You bet!

01.19.2014 :: Dev Update

Welcome 2014! It is a new year, and I am off to quite a bit of development on the Albatross Project. That project, though, has morphed in to a client/server architecture used to power the next iteration of Archons of Avenshar. AoA v.2 favors a mixture of HTML and Flash. Networking is provided by JSON over a websocket connection - that is hugely beneficial in that most firewalls allow HTTP traffic to pass.

In terms of design, much of AoA v1 will carry over. It will, however, be expanded upon, rebalanced and otherwise updated. The world lore will most likely pick up several years after the setting for v1. All in all, development carries forward and me'thinks something fun is brewing. Screenshots to be posted in the near future.

08.08.2013 :: Albatross Dev Update

For those interested in the Albatross Project, a whole lot of development has taken place over the last few months. One goal (that is being met) of this effort is to allow a standard MU* client to connect to the game. Of course, playing through the custom client will still provide benefits. Also, a tool is being developed to assist in content creation and management.

03.25.2013 :: Announcing Project Albatross

We are in the process of rewriting Avenshar. The next phase of the Avenshar world will take place several years after Archons of Avenshar and will introduce to the game world new game mechanics, lore, and fun!

02.01.2013 :: RuneFire Relocation

RuneFire Studios has relocated! We are no longer in the sweltering deserts of eastern Washington State; we're now in Lexington, Kentucky. Lexington has an active yet nascent game development community consisting of several indie studios. For example, check out: FrogDice, Inc. and Super Soul.

09.09.2012 :: Stargem Frenzy

I am very pleased to announce that over the course of the last couple months, Stargem Frenzy became a game sponsored by Mindjolt. The folks over at Mindjolt have been a great pleasure to work with. The most intriguing part of the deal for me happens to be the non-exclusivity of the license, which means that I am open to distribute the game through other avenues. At this time, I plan to further distribute the game through Mochi Games. Later, a mobile version may be under consideration.

09.20.2012 Update: Stargem Frenzy is now on Mochi! Play it here: Stargem Frenzy