03.14.2015 :: Announcement / Update

It is definitely interesting how a project morphs over its lifetime when you have a very general idea where you want it to go. The AoA2 rewrite started out as an almost 'pure' text only MUD type game with an HTML5 browser based interface. That was not working out so well, so I decided to return to a Flash based client. Personally, I was not happy how that was turning out in terms of client performance and development maintenance. I'm not doing anything super crazy with the client -- except for a line of site/fog of war/obscured overlay that is generated by the player's current location and surrounding "walls" (or, things that block the players vision). Enter Unity3D. The AoA2 client is now a fully downloadable client that no longer requires the browser to run. And boy, do I like it. Unity allows me to build and/or change UI elements so much faster than I could do in either HTML or Flash. The performance of the AOA client on the user's side is outstanding. Best yet, Unity will support whatever direction I take AoA in the future. All Goodness!

01.05.2015 :: It's A New Year!

So a new year arrives and with it heralds the promise of change and betterment. The last three months have seen me over-seas assisting my brother in crossing the Atlantic on his sailboat. You can read more about that here: Hardly Anything Works

During that time, I gave serious thought to the future of AoA2 and where I feel it needs to go. It's current direction, as stated previously, is quite interesting - I am quite happy with the latest minimap updates and UI layout. The one major change I am currently considering, though, is providing a downloadable desktop client. The current client is written in AS3 which targets the Flash Player. Other tools have been released in the recent years that make game development so much easier. Also, I had made earlier attempts to port it to HTML5 and was simply not happy with the results and the level of effort required to meet performance and aesthetic goals. If you'd like to chime on on the idea of a desktop client vs. a web client, feel free to send me an email:

09.30.2014 :: AoA2 Development Update

There has been so much tweaking and developing AoA2 as of late, I am not even sure I can properly provide details in the limited space I use here for announcements. I am very excited at the direction the project is headed. With any luck, there may be something for people to really look at, poke at, play, and make fun of come early 2015.